Martini's leather




The leather used for Martinis Design sofas is the result of the best choice of bovines of European and Extraeuropean origin and of the great attention given to the whole working process. We strictly select only hide which can maintain its natural characteristics over time. . Nearly all products used for tanning, dyeing and finishing are not toxic to human health and environment.

All leathers are water-repellent, antistatic and easily washable with water and neutral soap. Whenever more thorough cleaning is required, cleaning sets are available. They consist of a cleaning lotion, a nourishing cream and a special stick to remove stubborn stains. Hide keeps beautiful and betters with the passing of time, becoming more than just a simple covering.

Hide does not absorb either dust or animal hair: it is easy to clean and suitable for allergic people.

Please also note that:

 - leather should not be exposed to direct sunlight or to intense light sources.

 - leather should not be exposed to direct heat sources (radiators, fireplaces).

The various leather colours, included in the 3 price categories, meet every market chromatic request.